Email Lead Generation

Effective lead generation for sales prospects is a key ingredient to the success of every company. It is important that the marketing methodology selected be affordable, consistent, and able to produce positive quantifiable results.

There are a myriad of marketing communications vehicles, activities, and programs from which to consider for generating customer prospects, but they all have virtually one thing in common, they are quite costly.

TopSpin has significant expertise in developing and executing effective lead generation programs utilizing targeted email campaigns to specific industries, companies, and influential decision makers. We also have expertise with traditional demand generation vehicles and other digital marketing systems. 

For most B2B companies and industries, TopSpin can highlight and demonstrate the advantages in costs and results of implementing a comprehensive and integrated Marketing Automation Solution such as Act-On, to not only generate new leads, but to nurture prospects, effectively track prospect behaviors, and integrate with leading sales automation systems such as Salesforce.

Based on our experience in launching over 300 products to diverse industries, we have developed innovative tactics and best practices that generate positive results and favorable ROI compared to other marketing activities.

Contact us today to discuss how we can complement your current sales and marketing efforts and help you achieve your revenue and customer retention goals.

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